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Aunty Pek's famous Giant meatballs (Frozen). 狮子头。

Aunty Pek's famous Giant meatballs (Frozen). 狮子头。


Aunty Pek's famous 狮子头 meatballs comes in frozen pack of 6.

Each meatball is hand-made using fresh minced pork, breadcrumbs, water chestnuts, dried mushrooms, carrots, onion, spring onion and ginger to make super light, fluffy and juicy meatballs that are bursting with flavor.

Refer to Articles section for how to use it together with Golden Superior Stock for that hearty and satisfying family dinner.

Tips: For a quick meal, meatball can be simply be air fried and ready to enjoyed. 

*does not include other additional side ingredients/vegetables shown in illustrations.

  • Additional info

    No MSG, sugar and preservatives. Product comes frozen. Keep in freezer. Best consumed within 3 months.


Free Self-pickup available. Whatsapp 96784861.

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