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If you'd like to have a private dining gathering with your loved ones, why not come over to Aunty Pek's humble home, for reservations, you can Whatsapp me @ 96784861


Experience a cosy and nostalgic private evening with accomplished home-chef Aunty Pek. Step into her home theme "Coming Home for Dinner" (回家吃饭)and savour creatively designed Peranakan and Chinese fusion cuisines. Aunty Pek's all-time favourites include her award-winning Babi Assam, Dual Garlic Prawns, Claypot 3 cup vegetables, Premium Fish Maw, Crab meat and Sea cucumber soup. While these are home-cooked cuisines, there's nothing ordinary in terms of the taste. 



  • Learn how to make Aunty Pek's Wonder Rempah cooking paste from scratch, one of the key ingredients in her award-winning Babi Assam main course.

  • Learn how to create and make unique pastes and sauces from Aunty Pek's wealth of knowledge in herbs and spices.

  • Savour Peranakan and Chinese fusion cuisines creatively designed by Aunty Pek; and cooked using her unique pastes.

  • Free to wander around "Home" and get surprised by home-grown herbs and vegetables used in your next cuisine.

  • Bring home one of Aunty Pek's unique paste and traditional recipe. Surprise your family as you use it to prepare your next family meal.

Best Sellers!

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