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Freshly prepared batch. Limited stocks! 

  • Are you craving for some home-cooked soup that's rich in flavour and nutrients?

  • Are you too busy to prepare a healthy home-cooked meal for your family?

  • Are you tired of eating take-away food that's full of additives and MSG that leave you lethargic and feeling unhealthy?

Aunty Pek has a great idea for you. Coming from her own experience as a busy working parent, she understands what a family needs at the dinner table. So, instead of you spending the time and hassle, why not let Aunty Pek do it for you.

Golden Superior Stock is a superior stock (高汤)made using Aunty Pek's own recipe that she created and fine-tuned over the years. Each batch is made at home (no mass production), simmered for 8 hours using the premium ingredients carefully hand-picked by Aunty Pek. 

Stock n Meatball
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