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Freshly prepared batch. Limited stocks! 

  • Are you craving for some home-cooked soup that's rich in flavour and nutrients?

  • Are you too busy to prepare a healthy home-cooked meal for your family?

  • Are you tired of eating take-away food that's full of additives and MSG that leave you lethargic and feeling unhealthy?

Aunty Pek has a great idea for you. Coming from her own experience as a busy working parent, she understands what a family needs at the dinner table. So, instead of you spending the time and hassle, why not let Aunty Pek do it for you.

Golden Superior Stock is a superior stock (高汤)made using Aunty Pek's own recipe that she created and fine-tuned over the years. Each batch is made at home (no mass production), simmered for 8 hours using the premium ingredients carefully hand-picked by Aunty Pek. 

Stock n Meatball
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Aunty Pek
Pek Sheiw,
Aunty Pek
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Passionate Home Chef

Home Tutor turned Home Chef after winning cooking competitions. Loves to share her self-created recipes and homely meals and bring families together.


Hi everyone, I'm Pek Sheiw, also better known as Aunty Pek. I'm a home tutor who turned into a home chef. One of my proudest moments was winning in a cooking competition (can read more in my blog), and that really gave me the confidence to share more of my self-created recipes. My big dream is to be able to touch many many people with my homely, heart-warming meals because I truly believe that all meaningful relationships and experiences are created at home where we gather for the best tasting home-cooked meals.


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Cumin Rice

Aunty Pek's home-cooked dishes really give us that homely feel, and yet there's nothing ordinary in her dishes in terms of the taste. It's simply delicious and I trust that she's using the freshest hand-picked ingredients .

Victor Lim

Aunty Pek believes in making her own sauces and pastes from scratch, which are healthier, unique and preservative free. Really feels like eating Ah Ma's cooking by using her sauces instead of the supermarket ones.

Jenny Wong

The superior stock soup is such a convenient and nutritious addition to my family meals. Just add the meat, vegetables and we got a healthy and delicious dinner. The kids love it!

Irene Wong

New limited batch! Aunty Pek's all-time favourite. Simmered for 8 hours using premium ingredients carefully hand-picked by Aunty Pek. Get it now for a nutritious yet quick meal that satisfies your craving for home-cooked goodness.

Nostalgic Private dining


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